The Treasure Hunt Is Officially Over


The Treasure Hunt Is Over

We wanted to let everyone know that the treasure hunt is officially over.  As residents of NYC, we witnessed the extreme damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, firsthand.  It didn’t seem right to leave 10 thousand dollars buried in the ground so close to people who were directly affected by the storm.  As the treasure hunt has been unsolved for over two years, and people nearby are still suffering, we decided to dig up the coins and donate them to charity.
We gave the $10,000 treasure to Lava Girl Surf Shop, a non-profit organization in Rockaway, Queens.  They turned their storefront (located in one of the hardest hit areas of New York City) into a relief center, giving residents food, flashlights, and other basic essentials.  They are even clearing out flooded basements and making sweeps of the neighborhood, bringing support to residents trapped in apartment complexes still without power.  They are doing amazing, inspirational work.
For those who are disappointed the hunt is over, please know that key natural landmarks were destroyed by the hurricane.  The storm voided certain clues, making ‘We Lost Our Gold’ unsolvable.  In addition, sea water from the storm had seeped into the treasure chest. Leaving it in the ground much longer would have destroyed the coins completely.
The New York Times joined us, to witness the unearthing of the treasure.
Thank you to everyone who followed We Lost Our Gold.  Our goal was to create an adventure, a real sense of excitement, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Hurricane Sandy ended the hunt, but do know that the treasure will provide some small relief for people directly affected.
In the near future, we will provide a basic listing of the clues that were hidden in the eight videos.
In the meantime, please check out  Lava Girl Surf Shop:
Thank you again, everyone.

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